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Black magic – what does it mean?

True black magic is a subject of much controversy. It has both its supporters and opponents. It is worth finding out what black magic is and what it is really for.

Black magic – what does it mean?

Black magic is magical actions that are performed with evil intentions. This type of magic appeals to the forces of evil, demons, vampires and devils, using their power to achieve some goal. Rituals, spells, curses and charms are used to practice black magic. Black love magic and black magic for money are very popular. In many cultures, black magic was and still is forbidden. Muslims, for example, are not allowed to use it. The Taliban, on the other hand, consider weather forecasting to be a kind of black magic, which is why it has been banned by them. Proponents of black magic are called sorcerers, and black magic is usually placed in opposition to religion.

White and black magic – love spells reviews

If there is black magic, then logic dictates that there should also be white magic, which would have the power to combat the powers of evil. How is it in practice? Many magic practitioners believe that it makes no sense to divide magical practices into good and bad, black and white. Magic is one thing, but it is such a vast subject that people over the centuries have begun to give it more terms in order to make it easier to navigate this vast world of different powers. Magic is a tool and how it is used depends mainly on the intention of the magician, shaman or sorcerer practicing it.

Learning black magic

How to learn black magic? Learning magical practices is not easy, as evidenced by the commonly used phraseologism black magic, which means something incomprehensible or difficult to understand. It requires full commitment and patience, as well as sincere desire. Learning magic in any form should be done under the guidance of a teacher, who will share his experience with the adept and develop various techniques for him, assist him and share his knowledge. Learning black or any other magic on one’s own is not the best solution due to the possible side effects that may arise and that will have to be dealt with. If this happens, the help of a teacher may be necessary.

Black magic: spells

Spells are basically words and gestures spoken and performed in a specific order, which are intended to subjugate reality. They are usually intended to influence the subconscious, so some spells can also be affirmations. Love spells are a good example. This is because black magic gives the power to attract great affection. And if the relationship has broken up and the other half has gone into the distance, black magic for the return of the beloved should work.

Black magic: curses

A curse usually affects many aspects of the life of the person on whom it is cast. A curse can be cast not only on one person, but also on an entire community, nation or even place. It applies to events that happen in the environment of a particular person, it happens that it also affects the body.

Black magic: spells

A spell and a curse are concepts that are quite often confused, but they are very easy to distinguish from each other. While curses affect the surroundings of the person under it, spells affect the inside of the person, i.e. the mind and the way he perceives the world. A person under the influence of a spell may see the reality around him in a completely different way than other people.

Black magic rituals

Rituals are sequences of gestures, actions and utterances designed to produce a desired effect. They are practiced in many religions. Black magic are voodoo rituals that are designed to put a particular person or even a group of people into a trance. Some varieties of voodoo also use voodoo dolls. Another example is Wiccan rituals, practiced by followers of the pagan religion Wicca, which are often performed at the time of a full or new moon. It is worth remembering that magical rituals were already practiced by the ancient Egyptians.

Dreamer – black magic

An interesting example of contact with secret powers and knowledge is the sleeper, which is a collection of the most common dreams. Dreams are often full of symbols and hidden events, which are most often reflections of our lives. The correct interpretation of these signs can help solve problems, search for hidden desires or even predict the future. Dream interpretation has been and still is practiced in many cultures around the world. The dreamer gives you a chance to learn more about yourself and your needs.


Does destiny exist?

Does destiny exist?

What is it? Can they be influenced? Can they be changed?

Such questions have been asked over the centuries by various prominent intellectuals – philosophers, theologians, writers. The question of destiny runs through the fates of many personalities, both historical and fictional. The mythical Achilles, the figure of King Oedipus, the story of Romeo and Juliet, they are all linked by the recurring theme of fate. All those mentioned could not avoid their fate, which had a tragic ending. Achilles – his mother tried to cheat fate by bathing him at birth in the waters of the Styx. This was to give him physical invulnerability, immunity from injury. The only place that remained vulnerable and susceptible to the blow of any weapon was the heel – it was by the heel that his mother held little Achilles. He grew up, but died in battle, hit precisely in his most sensitive spot.

Another character who was not destined to escape his (tragic) fate is Sophocles’ famous writings of King Oedipus, the father of the titular Antigone. A grim doom hung over Oedipus as early as his birth, foretelling that the child would kill his father, after which he would marry his mother. The terrified ruler ordered his son to be put to death. His order was not carried out. This set in motion a sequence of events that led years later to the fulfillment of the fateful prophecy. Oedipus was unaware of his origins and the tragic role he had come to fulfill.

The case of death from grief after the loss of a loved one, so evocatively shown in “Romeo and Juliet,” also makes one ponder fate. From the purely theoretical – what would have happened if one of them had acted differently, or waited, to musings on what makes life worth living. For this couple, made eternal in the pages of literature, and many other separated lovers we will never hear from again, one thing was certain. Without the other person, they saw no point in continuing to live. Sublime, beautiful, sad. Someone would perhaps add – immature. But the assessment is as subjective as possible.Let’s look at the various cases of so-called orchestration of fate in reality. They can be positive or negative. If, due to a coincidence of circumstances and courageous decisions, someone saves the life of another person, this can also be called destiny, with a positive ending and a good role model. Such people have been shown recently through successive editions of the “Become a Positive Hero” program. Heroism, honesty and altruism deserve to be shown as much as possible, and positive behavior to be promoted as much as possible.

Yet another facet of fatality is when someone miraculously avoids being littered or injured in an accident, then dies tragically in a not-too-long interval. It is then said that once he cheated death, but a long life was not meant for this person. This was also the case with Agnieszka Kotlarska, Miss Polonia of the early 1990s. True, she missed a business flight that ended tragically for everyone on board, but she died a few weeks later outside her own home in front of her family at the hands of a psychopathic fan.

Similar associations regarding an unfortunate fate come to mind when one thinks of the Kennedy family. There, tragically and relatively young, both father and son died in two generations. Admittedly, the circumstances were diametrically opposed (an assassination attempt on the head of state and an avionic plane crash). Nevertheless, both of them could still have done a lot (especially the father the US president) – and they were not.

Giving power to an amulet or talisman

Giving power to an amulet or talisman

Before using an amulet, two important steps must be performed over it. We are talking about purifying the amulet in terms of energy and giving it power . If we delegate this task to a person with innate abilities in the field of esotericism, we can be sure of the power of our amulet or talisman. Nevertheless, we can perform this task ourselves. However, it requires a lot of concentration and working with energy.

There is a way of cleansing an amulet, especially recommended for people with little experience, in the sphere of esotericism. This is the purification of the amulet using visualization and the assigned element with which we are most connected. The first stage is to symbolically activate that element. In the case of the element of fire, we are to light a candle. Then we need to take the object to be purified in both hands and hold it over the flame for some time (let’s be careful about the distance of the flame from our hands!) In general, the future amulet is to be exposed to the element of our choice (dipped in water, incense incense, then rubbed with wind, or sprinkled with earth). It is necessary to imagine (visualize) how, already after purification, the energy of the held object is replaced by the energy of the chosen element.

The next step is to give the amulet power, or sacralize the amulet

Giving power to an amulet can take many forms, from the very complicated to the simplest formula. Simply energizing the amulet is equally effective. The most important thing is that it should take place during the full moon (possibly during the phase of the moon’s assumption). On the other hand, it is discouraged to activate the amulet during the new moon phase or the time when the moon is “waning” for us.

During the full moon, sit quietly, being relaxed and relaxed. Then draw or imagine (visualize) yourself in this circle. You need to take the amulet in your hand in such a way that you touch it with all your fingers, and visualize how you send your energy to it. Continue like this in concentration for some time, until we feel that the object has saturated with our pure energy. Then it’s time to rest and relax your fingers (your fingers may ache).

In our hand we hold our own energized amulet, ready for action.

Is it worth using love magic?

This question is often asked by people who have been left by their partner. It is obvious that if you love but your partner didn’t share your feelings, you are wondering how you can influence him. Using love magic is one way to get your partner back. But keep in mind that it is not the only one, There are also the usual methods that may also work. If you broke up under the influence of emotions, in a quarrel, perhaps it would be best to just talk and explain the things that separate you. Perhaps there is still feeling between you, but neither of you wants to speak up first because you are afraid of losing your pride of dignity – afraid of being rejected again. In my opinion, this approach is not the best. Sometimes your first priority is your feelings and the struggle to be in a relationship with your loved one again. Therefore, first try to get your partner back using normal methods, show him that you care about him. Perhaps the partner has felt neglected recently. Every relationship goes through its periods, sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s worse. If it has been worse lately, try to fix it. The worst situation is when the partner goes to another person. These situations hurt the most. In this case, it is necessary to consider whether it makes sense to fight at all? Perhaps the best solution would be to forget the person who betrayed you. And if you want to use love magic, use spell to attract love, in the long term you will be much better at it.

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Is using a love spell a good choice?

People who find themselves in a difficult love situation, abandoned by their partner, usually look for different ways to bring him back. Most often these are the usual ways, for example trying to clear up misunderstandings, talking to your partner, easing the situation if you split up under the influence of emotions. And sometimes these simple methods bring results, many couples recover after a momentary breakup. But there are also times when a partner goes seriously, and no attempts to get him back have worked. Quite often, in such cases, they use a love spell. Is it a good choice? If the situation is tough, I believe that this is a good choice. Love spells are quite often successful if one can find an effective spell caster. Of course, there is a moral issue, but if your feelings are sincere and you want your partner back because you love him, I don’t think it’s any harm. Of course, the choice is yours.